Real Attribution Models

Real Attribution is designed to give advertisers full control in optimising campaigns which rewards all publishers involved in the customer journey. Whether they’re initiating, assisting or converting. Five robust attribution models and a customisable solution give advertisers the power to weigh the elements that count, to multiply the results achieved in more inspired, more attractive campaigns and to reward publishers appropriately.

Last Touchpoint

Last Touchpoint

The traditional, last touchpoint get all model. Totally customisable by using exceptions for specific site types and most applicable to direct purchase transactions.
First Touchpoint

First Touchpoint

First touchpoint gets all. Useful when you want to focus on getting more traffic and branding from publishers with a vast reach. A great strategy for brands with emerging brand value.
Linear Model

Linear Model

A model which values all involved publishers evenly, which applies very well to campaigns which require consumer interaction throughout the entire purchase funnel.


This model rewards publishers more favourably if their touchpoint are closer to the conversion and consistently proves the most suitable model for price-sensitive products and short-term promotions.
Position Based

Position Based

Useful if you value the publishers who introduce your consumers to the brand and those who gave the final push. Well suited for campaigns with a longer decision-making process.
Custom Model

Custom Model

Create a tailored fit with a custom model and weigh the elements that count. From market segment, to site type or category you’re able to tweak your model and include exceptions and own channels.

A Powerful Custom Model

Add weight to components most important to you, and create your tailored model. A powerful solution which allows additional valuation principles for individual site types or categories – leveraging the added value of any publisher activity. Define the elements to include and their relative value in line with your campaign goals.


Position Based

Position element

By assigning a value to the position element, such fraction of the total commission is attributed to publishers for their initiating, converting and assisting position in the transaction.


Price Comparision

Type element

The type element attributes the fraction of commission for the relative weight of involved site types. It allows prioritization of particular site types over others, without the need to exclude any publisher type.



Category element

Achieve optimal targeting of your publishers’ audience by assigning relative weights to their operating categories. Create an appealing model for those publishers matching the defined target group.

A Typical Customer Journey

Consumers interact with various publishers throughout their journey, and with attribution all efforts are now adequately rewarded. Resulting in more promotion and better results.

New Channels, More Revenue

Performance marketing is all about action based remuneration of publisher’s involvement, but per market standard the last click earned commission per default. Until today. In the affiliate channel, attributing commissions to multiple touchpoints creates revolutionary brand exposure opportunities whereas any involved publisher is eligible for commission.

Increase results

Thanks to attribution, publishers’ ROI values will increase and lead to them directing more traffic and transactions to your campaigns.

Fair Share

Give all publishers a fair reward for their promotions. They're working hard to generate transactions and Real Attribution ensures healthy rewards.

Value added

You have full control to assign your total cost of sales to specific categories, positions or channels including display, to make any spend performance.

Full transparency

Enhance your attribution model as much as you want by incorporating different elements without compromising transparency on either publisher or advertiser sides.

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Looking to deliver true performance to brands you represent? Real Attribution gives advertisers the power to weigh the elements that count the most to generate more revenue.
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